Two exhibitions by Oana Clitan

Oana's summer exhibitions

Oana Clitan had a full summer working on her personal artistic projects. She continued her work on kitsch and consumerism, explored in two different mediums and two completely different exhibitions.

Goodbye Expectations at Visual Contact gallery in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The project was a research into the connection between the concept of home and consumerism, embodied in the text from Ikea catalogues and how they present the contemporary home. The underlying idea comes from Guy Debord’s theory of how The Spectacle (Mass Media) operates in his book ‘The Society Of The Spectacle’. According to Debord, The Spectacle can take any radical or alternative lifestyle, repackage and sell it as a commodity. The 2017 Ikea catalogue is a clear representation of these mechanisms: the main theme of the description text is that there are no rules anymore in designing your home and behaving in your home, you can be yourself and ‘be as crazy as you want’. In the exhibition she deconstructed the language used in the 2017 Ikea catalogue both visually and semantically through the use of expressive typography with the purpose of pointing out these hidden mechanisms and rethorics.

9th of June – 31st of July

Photos by Stefan Badulescu

Anthropomorphism of Media at Dynamo Artist Association in Vancouver BC, Canada

Together with artists Sylvana dAngelo (CA) and Larissa Monteiro (NL), Oana participated in the exhibition Anthropomorphism of Media in Vancouver. The exhibition was the first manifestation of their project about new ways to create art and design in the context of long-distance collaborations and the anthropomorphism of the internet as a tool to understanding the behaviour of technology. Oana presented media-based work: two animated GIF composition and two interactive websites about the shift to image-based communication due to technological advancement.

25th of August – 4th of September